Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Review of Death Bed by Leigh Russell

I must say: I've been a bit of a fan of Leigh Russell for a few years and the blurb on Amazon really says it all: after she burst onto the crime thriller scene with Cut Short in 2009, which was shortlisted for the CWA New Blood Dagger Award for Best First Novel, Leigh Russell has gone from strength to strength. Her follow-up novel Road Closed was published in 2010 and also featured the policewoman heroine Geraldine Steel. Leigh Russell continued the series with Dead End in 2011 and Geraldine Steel became the number one bestelling female sleuth on Amazon Kindle.

As a result, I couldn't resist reviewing Death Bed, the fourth in the Geraldine Steel series, which was released recently, also published by No Exit Press.

With Geraldine still seemingly unlucky in love - there's still no man on the horizon - and her relationship with her sister still awkward after she learned she was adopted, she buckles down to work, hunting for an apparent serial killer with a gruesome fetish.

Set in London with scenic descriptions that evidence the painstaking research of a literary perfectionist, Death Bed starts with the abduction of a girl who's just been out for a night with her friends and is a little the worse for wear. So far, so good - especially when you think about the number of times you've been in that position yourself... and the man who offers to take her home shows her his police identity badge so surely she's safe to accept... But is he really a policeman? And even if he is, does that make him exempt from evil? And more significantly, is it possible to live forever?

An innovative and refreshing take on the psychological thriller, with a strong female heroine who is struggling - just like everyone else - to balance her work and her personal life and muddle through, knowing all the time that every decision she makes could mean life or death.

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